The dear Darryl is still in Berlin, doing his Street Clash thang, and here’s some of the photo taking he’s been doing out there while we dream of faraway european lands. Make sure you go vote for his Toronto and Wedding Dress photos and for whichever your favorite and most stylish city is, and you can do so by clicking on the lovely little yellow and black box bellow.


Just when I thought I’d forgotten my cynicism back in Toronto, I found these 3 Vancouver kids who reminded me what blasé really meant.  Just look at those unimpressed faces.  Oh take me back home.


On one very special evening, Sereina decided to dress up as an Indian and do a lot of drugs.  I asked where I should take the photo, she said the bathroom of course.  The eyeliner she used to paint those tribal markings on her face smudged, so I think she used a cigarette butt to touch them up.


FUR IS ALWAYS IN.  Especially if it’s with a snakeskin handbag.


I like you because you’ve got that scuzzy french look to you. And maybe a little bit of jaundice even.


This young frauline seemed very inconvenienced when I asked her to take off her jacket.  But the result is pretty zuper, as the Germans say.