Sure it’s sunny right now, but Stephanie and I just escaped a massive storm. We spent the afternoon eating Chow Mein, sitting down on wet chairs outside Four Brothers and hunting down well dressed people. Turns out we only got 4 photos, 2 of which were friends of ours. After a while, we decided to re-strategize, so I went to Le Chaînon, bought a lawn chair and we went to sit outside the Mont Royal metro. Now, I’m bringing my lawn chair around with me everywhere I go. You may judge me, but then you’re stuck waiting for a friend and you’re like ”what the fuck am I gonna do now!!!!!” and you cry and you beat the ground with your fists, you better wish you had a lawn chair. Ooooh yeah, you would.

Also, my dearest little muffin Stephanie N., pictured above, is finally taking big steps into adult hood on Thursday. ”What?” you might say! ”How come I see her out all the time?”. Well, I mean, Steph is twice my height and looks older than I do. In any case, should you want to come over and celebrate in my hallway before the Peer Pressure showdown, feel free to contact me, but you better be bringing wine and cupcakes! And sparklers. And bubbles. And a puppy.