The Montreal photos from the Peer Pressure 2nd Anniversary are up!

Here’s a little preview in the streetstyle department,  

Kind of like the jersey/boy version of this:

I love to love. But my baby just loves to dance. Holyshit, my neighbours are having a party and are obviously really wasted because they keep singing along to the music and so far they’ve done all the Eric Lapointe classics, I Will Survive, some Sheryl Crow and lots of Celine Dion. And sang Denis happy birthday 3 times. Oh Pointe St-Charles…

I’ve cut down a lot on smoking recently, but i usually keep emergency cigarettes in my purse. This is just taking it to the next level in the best possible way.

Saturday night was a big night because i finally got to see Thunderheist. It would have been the 5th time I’d have missed them when I had intended to see them. BUT IT WASN’T.

I was sick when they played at the Saboteur ball. I had gotten there late at the Plastic Little show because I was at Blonde Redhead and missed them. When they played the Pop Off tour, we got to Main Hall to find out that it was overcapacitated. NOT COOL. We ended up going to Green Room and dancing and when Dane tried to sneak in and it worked, I tried the ”hey, i’m a photographer” card and it worked so easy, i had to kick myself. We caught the end of Yo Majesty, but missed Thunderheist. However, after talking to the ladies of Yo Majesty and this guy Rudolph, Remi and I headed out to Ottawa the next day to see them. Long story short, Remi not having any legal Canadian ID was a problem, we could not find a liquor store to save our lives, they had no olive oil at Subway, Rudolph tried to sneak us in the backdoor but no good and this man tried to kill us, so we ran back to the bus station. No Thunderheist.

Oh yeah, Isis, you owe me a photo. Look at those legs!!!!!

Steph Naday was at my place and stressing out over when to leave in order to make it there on time because she had no ticket. We ended up cabbing to oldgold where she got the last one and we ran into Kerne who was undecided as to whether or not to get those shoes. We think he made the right decision.

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