Now dont get me wrong, I love Kensington market just as much as everybody else does… but there is something seriousely annoying about it.  It’s like there’s this mandatory requirement that you have to have a vintage bike with a basket, and the basket has to have flowers woven through it. 

It’s cute to see a pretty girl riding on one of those bikes, but it’s not cute when every other person fits that description.  Sorry if I’m ranting, but I just feel like (and I’ve said this before) every Toronto hippy/hipster who grows up and realizes that their art/music/drama/phishhead/graphic design career has gone nowhere, settles down in Kensington at age 35 to retire.  and by retire I mean, sit on their front porch, grow dreads, drink iced soy latte’s, eat tempeh and not wear a shirt/shoes while waving to their fellow retirees.  

Aside from all that, Kensington Market is definately a cool place, with good cheese, and lots of vintage shops and maybe the best candy store EVER. 



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