Daft Punk official Ed Banger / Throne of Blood Afterparty pictures from the S.A.T. are up.  Click on the link below:


and now for a taste of the crowd…


You gotta love it when people are dedicated to take a good picture. So when this guy ripped off his shirt and pulled down his pants, we (I?) knew he was a keeper.


Coordinated and HOT. You can’t tell from this photo but Devon has a new haircut and it’s super cute. And Madhuri? Miaow!


Ok, so I was drunk and got the hand in front of the flash but it’s ok because there’s another picture in the set. I love this shirt. I love the Shinning. I watched it when I was younger in Thailand with some friends and we couldn’t sleep all night. Now I watch it and laugh. I love my Jack Nicky.


You’ve got to love Thunderheist‘s Isis and her Red Bull Vodkas. It’s ok, get drunk, get wild.