This is Sarah Cassidy. Sarah Cassidy is always talking about all the boys who want to date her. Sarah Cassidy makes my head spin around and around trying to keep track of all her male suitors. With Obesity on the rise, we should all thank Sarah for doing her part in providing men with workouts as they chase after her.

if her legs were any longer, she would get a head rush in the morning.

If I was a stranger I wonder what I would say about myself…. hmm… well aside from the fact that my clothes look like they belong to a pre-pubescent boy, and my hair looks like a wet poodle, I’d give me a solid 5/10, which means I probably don’t deserve to be on here… oops.

now this girl, she was really cute. Like, SO cute. She was wearing a pretty little dress from Norway… Oslo if I remember correctly. In fact, she is from Norway too, not just the dress. Isn’t she just the epitomy of a Norweigan: blond and beautiful?