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A new photo from the ever wonderful Mr. Darryl Natale over at Street Clash! I just spent a good while kind of hypnotized by the writtings on the wall, so if you have some time to waste right now, go to the bigger version of this photo and get your read on.


Sam stands in OCAD, in front of a really awful student art piece called ‘600 Things I Don’t Need.’ Or something.  One of the things the artist in question didn’t need was a Lilo and Stitch poster, which means that she probably owns that.  Just terrible.  Anyway, if anything can brighten up this dismal art disaster, it’s those golden brown locks.  Sam’s 6’2 if he was a foot, and belongs to that group of much-younger-but-much-more-attractive kids that are threatening to disrupt the natural order of things.  I mean, just look at those cheekbones!


Here’s one more Toronto gem from Street Clash’s Darryl Natale. Right now he’s living the life in Berlin (more on that later) and I think I speak for all of us when I say how goddamn jealous I am of his lucky ass. No seriously though, hope you’re having fun D-Dawg!


By the time the 80s were over, I was just a fat-headed 4-year-old.  Alex hasn’t let them slip away. He IS the 80s.  The dazzle on his sweater told me so.

By Street Clash’s Darryl Natale


Evanne, your magic cape gives Toronto hope for winter fashion.  Fly away, tell the people.

Good Ol’ Darryl is on FIRE if I may, so here’s some more Toronto streetstyle for your tired eyes (or maybe just mine). May they soothe your mind, body and soul. Fear not, it’s not the last time we’ll be hearing from him, there’ll be some more on the way. 


Jesse was on the way to see her boyfriend at work, all dolled up. I don’t know what went down there, but that’s probably none of my goddam business. I had her take off her glasses, because they look great in real life, but sort of like an angry librarian in photographs.

Here are some more Toronto streetstyle goodies from our special collaboration with Darryl Natale. 


Joële’s was late for work, but taking a smoke break / photoshoot immediately upon arriving to work was apparently not an issue.  It seems as if she’s found my dream job.  I don’t know what I said to make her laugh, but I bet it was hilarious.


I considered mugging Janna for her glasses (Ebay, vintage Porsche, who I didn’t even know made glasses).  But I thought it best to just take a photo and covet them.  Janna is an artist, and you can see her art at  I think this ( one’s the prettiest.


Cia (see-yuh) has this really, really laid-back attitude about her. For example, she’d just quit her job to take a trip to New York.  No problems.  Cia, if I could pull off that coat, I would, but I’m afraid Toronto isn’t much ready for fur on men yet.  But you, you and that coat Cia, you’re ready to take on the world.  As for the site of this photo, maybe in retrospect I could have placed her somewhere with less trash floating around in the backdrop.   Or maybe it’s better this way.  See ya, Cia

We haven’t had a lot of Toronto action in a while. Alison is back in Montreal, oh yay (for us) but her laptop is broken, oh no! So the ever awesome Darryl of Street Clash will be providing us with our fix of fashionable Torontotariens? Torontorites? People from Toronto! Aren’t they cute?


From Darryl: I pounced on this handsome couple (but not relationship couple, or else she’d be in for a big gay surprise) on my hungover crawl to work on a Saturday morning.  The weather had warmed up, and people on Queen street looked better than their usual winter selves.  These two had also just woken up, but were on a hungover crawl to breakfast.  The rip in her tights tells me that she knows how to have a good time, and that liquor store bag at their feet says that they might still be drunk.  Regardless, I was envious of these perhaps unemployed youngsters, because they probably got warm pancakes, and I got a cold and unfulfilling day of retail work.

We got interviewed by the awesome Darryl over at Street Clash and so if you want to know what Shut Up You Twit or Pregnant Goldfish (whatever name tickles your fancy, we’re versatile) is all about, give it a look and make sure to vote for your favorite city, starting on the monday of every week.

You can read all about it here!

Photo curtosy of Marie Jane. Thank you thank you!

Now dont get me wrong, I love Kensington market just as much as everybody else does… but there is something seriousely annoying about it.  It’s like there’s this mandatory requirement that you have to have a vintage bike with a basket, and the basket has to have flowers woven through it. 

It’s cute to see a pretty girl riding on one of those bikes, but it’s not cute when every other person fits that description.  Sorry if I’m ranting, but I just feel like (and I’ve said this before) every Toronto hippy/hipster who grows up and realizes that their art/music/drama/phishhead/graphic design career has gone nowhere, settles down in Kensington at age 35 to retire.  and by retire I mean, sit on their front porch, grow dreads, drink iced soy latte’s, eat tempeh and not wear a shirt/shoes while waving to their fellow retirees.  

Aside from all that, Kensington Market is definately a cool place, with good cheese, and lots of vintage shops and maybe the best candy store EVER. 



more photos:


photo credits:

      (click for sources)

Yesterday night we went to Babydolls, the wonderful strip club/party venue mentioned back here.  I don’t really remember much of the night, but it seems the pictures tell quite a story. 


Thanks to my wonderful friend Jonathen for that one.  He probably doesn’t want this up here, but there’s no way I could resist.


This guy drank 1/2 a mickey of rum in one mouthful, we took this photo and half a block later… THIS was the result.


if I didn’t already know she was bending down in this photo, I might mistake her for a well dressed dwarf.


this guy was having the best sleep of his life for the entire duration of the afterparty.  I wonder if he woke up in a hospital gown…


for the rest of the photos from Saturday night click on the banner below:



I can’t be 100% sure what’s happening here, but this guy looks 50% pirate and 50% Bruce Willis


 since I’m on the topic of pirates, this is what a pirate would look like if he read i-D and had all his teeth.


As I took these photos, a crowd of scummy, 40-something year old men gathered off to the side to watch, and when she put her leg up on his shoulder their cheers could be heard on the other side of town, which is about a 2 hour drive…

 click on the banner below for the rest of the photos from the Tight Pants party at White Orchid.




Check out what Toronto website, BlogTO had to say about the Ed Banger afterparty at Mod Club…  strange write-up, but worth a read anyhow. 

 Daftest Party Ever – Busy P and Co. Make Mod Club Go Crazy

Also, while I’m on the topic of Toronto, I thought I should mention our friend Trevor’s recent appearance on the front page of Toronto Star’s entertainment section, most notably for his strange/wicked choice of Babydolls (a seedy Toronto strip joint) as a new party destination.   Trevor needs to tell me when the next one is, so that I can go and take incriminating photos like this one…


more photos from the night:  Hipsters vs. Strippers  by

UPDATED: The Next Babydolls party is this Saturday Night.  For Info click HERE.

I also thought it would be nice to mention how ridiculous it is that Blizzarts is now a regular thing 4 nights in a row.  Plateau Saturdays, whatever it is on Sundays, this new thing on Mondays, and Teen Wolf Tuesdays… new spot needed?  I think so.  It’s not that I dont like Blizzarts (because trust me I do) I just think that something different is desperately needed, especially now that this big metal fence is up on the sidewalk.  Just wait… Martika and I have something wonderful in the works.

Hint:  daytime + loft + whatever you like to get fucked up on = coming soon.

The photos just don’t do the party justice and  I can’t possibly describe it enough, so here is Busy P’s description of the Sunday night. 

Check out Busy P’s Daft Punk Tour Blog

Daft Punk official Toronto Ed Banger party pictures are up!  ed-banger-banner-done.jpg

Last night Daft Punk played Arrow Hall, a big empty airplane hanger in the outskirts of Toronto. To all you Montrealers… be prepared to have your expectations shattered. Next came the afterparty put on by A.D/D at the Mod club, plus the afterparty-for-the-afterparty at Ourspace, equalling an unparalleled night. Toronto truly was banged by Ed Banger, and we hope they come do it again soon.


check to see who else is caught with their pants down…untitled-335.jpg

And check out the Montreal photos here!

This is Sarah Cassidy. Sarah Cassidy is always talking about all the boys who want to date her. Sarah Cassidy makes my head spin around and around trying to keep track of all her male suitors. With Obesity on the rise, we should all thank Sarah for doing her part in providing men with workouts as they chase after her.

if her legs were any longer, she would get a head rush in the morning.

If I was a stranger I wonder what I would say about myself…. hmm… well aside from the fact that my clothes look like they belong to a pre-pubescent boy, and my hair looks like a wet poodle, I’d give me a solid 5/10, which means I probably don’t deserve to be on here… oops.

now this girl, she was really cute. Like, SO cute. She was wearing a pretty little dress from Norway… Oslo if I remember correctly. In fact, she is from Norway too, not just the dress. Isn’t she just the epitomy of a Norweigan: blond and beautiful?


The world is a scary, scary place.  But this guy makes me feel a whole lot better about waking up each morning.  Thanks Mister.


is it me, or does this guy look just like Erlend Oye?

trust me…that’s a good thing.



and some of our favourite little details:


catb1.jpgalso, check out the DFA discoball/fluffy cat shirt. 


Speaking of zombies, I felt like a zombie last night, until I saw this wonderful mix of nylon and polyester standing under a street lamp at Bathurst and College. It turned out to be my friend Owen who had just performed at Skeeky Dee’s. cool huh? What’s cooler is those pants. 1991… good year.


this is what the spice girls would look like if they came from guangdong province and went to the gay pride parade.

probably the best street style i’ve ever seen.

Here is some more Toronto street style. Toronto ain’t all that bad, so stop hating on it so much. I’m talking to you Montrealers!

Here is one of those girls who you watch, and judge, and think you know from a distance, and then she walks over and opens her mouth, and the most wonderful, light, little strange accented voice comes out. and it’s like woooooooooooshhhhh, all your pre-conceived notions fly out of your head, and then she pulls out a can of spray paint and you wonder how you could have been so so wrong.

Remember when I said androgyny was in? Well I meant it. I’m not really sure what’s happening here, but this guy said he was waiting for his girlfriend(??) in the bathroom. I’m gonna have to trust him on that one.

When Hayley told me she was moving to Tel-Aviv, I told her she couldnt go, and she asked why, and I told her firstly, I wasnt letting her go, and secondly, they would never let her in wearing that scarf.


Last night Chromeo and Flosstradamus played in Toronto.  The stupid promoters of the The Social oversold the show, and put too many on guestlist, so the end result was that half the ticketholders didnt get in.  SUCKSS.  Better not happen tonight in Montreal!  (Don’t forget to come to Marvin’s party!)  Here’s a little taste of the crowd: 


This girl’s hair literally made me cream my jeans.  It was so wonderful and she was all smiley, and next to her, my hair looked straight.

This guy offered to go down on me (no joke) in return for my lego ring.  I said no, but this photo is kinda making me regret it. 


It’s gotten to a point where I have enough Mickey Mouse shirts to go for a full three week rotation.  I dont know what was going on last night, but it’s possible that a stranger might have mistaken The Social for a Mickey Mouse fan club meeting or something.  I mean, I thought I was original but……….


mickey 2


The guy in the pink mickey mouse shirt -thats Kavin.  Kavin is a friend of mine, and he is also a very good/cool/talented photographer.  He takes party photos that Montrealers and Torontonians might have seen on his site

DELTA INC, one of the best known and well respected street writers from Europe, has transformed his signature geometric style into 80’s designer vinyl.

 Donuts come in many flavors! Some with icing, some with holes, some with sprinkles, some with jelly, some are even flocked! They come with smiles, tears, frowns – the entire gamut of sweet doughy feeling!

Smiling Malfi is the master of all tricks. Play with him and you will have fun forever!


If you want these as much as I do, then check out Toronto’s Magic Pony, a shop and gallery for creative animals.

jon 2

These are by Jon.  Jon is a close friend of my brother.  Jon is a little bit insane.  That’s why we love him.  He is also a fantastic artist.  The special thing about Jon’s art is that he makes all his 1-dimensional artworks in MS Paint. 

Here are a few more: 

Art in a Gallery

Speed Dating is Awkward

four way mirror twice

bleeding heart liberalbito – caption:
“Deep down, I always knew I was just a big pussy.”

and one he made specially for us: 


thanks Jon.


A while ago, i stumbled upon a secret forum dedicated to the Unicorns. It’s a really creapy forum. I don’t need to know Nick Thorburn’s shoe size…

I kind of want this jacket though…


Another one to make you smile.

Normally I would comment on his clothes, but clothes just don’t seem so relevant right now.

I love gay pride because I love to smile. These men and their outfits (or lack thereof) make me smile. If you want to smile click on the photo for the other half.


I found this guy pouting outside The Juan Maclean at The Drake Hotel in Toronto. He made his shirt which is cool, and i know artists are supposed to be all emotional and stuff but this guy was just a douche. I know we avoid being mean on our blog, but what a brat.

He is shy.  Does anybody want to go on a date with him?  I’ll pay for dinner.