So I went on a little 24 hour trip to Toronto for CMW to visit some friends from Victoria who were doing a show at Wrongbar as part of a showcase for Unfamiliar records and MuseBox.


Here’s the singer from Lioness , the band that opened the show. They were so awesome but when she tried to give me a flyer, I tried to explain I wasn’t from Toronto but over the loud music, she probably didnt get it and kind of just walked away. Awkward? I like that she had 2 awesome pairs of shoes on stage with her though, but wore neither and just did her thang in gold socks. 


This is after Ryan was off to drive the members of Lioness and their things back to their jam space, the bar was closing so we had to wait outside with all the gear. It was cold.


Here are pretty much some of my favorite people ever. We met 2 years ago at the Fringe fest when they were looking for a place to crash. They are just so precious that I even convinced myself that driving to Toronto with some strangers I met off craigslist was a good idea just to see their lovely faces for a few hours. The verdict? So worth it. Hopefully they’ll be back for the Fringe to share their cuteness/awesomeness with Montreal s’more. Listen to their band here and do it now before they become really famous so you can tell people how much cooler you are to have discovered them ”before they became really big”.