You know Darryl, he’s the foxy boy behind the Street Clash competition and our special collaborator, bringing us love from Toronto, Berlin and Stockholm, see them here. Darryl and I spent that morning loitering at Eggspectations (the newest hotspot, word on the street) and we’ll be covering Toronto fashion week next week, so we’ll have some sweet photos coming up for you guys! I have a confession to make though, a realisation that came to me as I was reviewing my photos. Last Thursday, I was walking around Toronto and witnessed a beautiful boy in a black cloak crossing the street. Seeing as I’m on constant street style look out, I took a few seconds to consider stopping him for a photo, but we were already too far away to do anything about it. I did however say something along the lines of “oh man, that boy had good style” to my friend Miranda and glanced back to notice he was looking at me… Weird? I believe it was no other then this beautiful boy in a black cloak.