I know I’m really late on this post, but I was waiting until I had a program on my computer so I could put the text at the bottom of the photo to make it look all professional and stuff, but since I got robbed and had to get a new laptop I don’t have Photoshop yet so my blogging life in sort of in shambles. These pictures are from the pride parade in Toronto a couple weeks ago.  I was supposed to be on the House of Lords float in the parade with all my friends but I got lost and missed it.  Too bad.

Both Cary and I (by some freak accident of nature-seriously) happened to be wearing rompers to the parade.  This photo is a prime example of romper fashion at its finest.  Basically romper fashion means that everything your wearing is attached together, and made of the same fabric.  Romper’s are made for romping.  The dictionary says: Romper – a person or thing that romps.

Rompers used to be made in adult sizes (because they’re really comfortable, and for phys-ed class when our parents were kids) but now unfortunately, they’re mostly only made for babies.

Some more good examples of rompers I wish I owned:

even the evil corporation American Apparel makes a romper, but I’m a brat and I don’t like it based on principle, sorry AA lovers, but I’m not a fan of cookie cutter fashion.

and down here we have Dawn Lam also knows as Don Ram.  Her outfit in this photo has a lot of influence of Cassandra from Wayne’s World: