Darryl and I took a break from trying to find a way our hunt for free drinks/food to keep us alive because together we have about enough money to buy a pack of gum, and our search lead us to this little show right here:

So Me Art Show
My camera had a good workout that day and my flash batteries were just not having it, so excuse the grainy colors and just go see the show yourself.


So Me doing the D.A.N.C.E. yeah?






Paving the way for all middle aged ravers around the globe. We’d like to invite you all to bring your moms out to parties more often because they will demonstrate more enthusiasm and out of this world dance moves then your brain can even wrap itself around.



Later that night, Darryl and I got ready to go out, drank about 6 Rockstars and vodka and somehow managed to decide to stay in and go straight to bed… Our precious little boy also took some shots that will probably make their way on here very soon! Well… very soon. Lets say eventually.

Read HRO’s post on So Me for the whole she-bang.