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Alright so I think I’ve just figured out how to use the new version of wordpress (which is also why I haven’t put up the photos from the latest Nu Ravers party at Coda, sorry boys!) AND this very photo is going to go down in history. I just spent way more time then normal human beings spend breathing (or more time then I’ve been spending on the task at hand- my final school project?!!??!!)  trying to locate a photo out of the 329 photo albums that have been hogging space on my hard drive and I have yet to find it. The photo in question would be one of the very first photos Dane and I took for this blog. Basically, one night when we decided to go hunting for good style, we got sidetracked and ended up drinking 1$ shots in a sleazy Karaoke bar downtown. I remember this vividly, I was in the bathroom, for some reason (probably the 1$ shots), drawing something on the walls, when Dane bursts in and goes ”MARILIS! OUTSIDE! STREETSTYLE! NOW!” and I follow him to find these 2 guys featured above waiting a little awkwardly, as instructed by Dane. This photo never made it on here, probably because it got lost in the many photo albums on my computer, but here they are again, about a year later, at a show at Concordia. Here’s another attractive little lady I stopped on my way out from the same night. If anyone has some cute short boots they want to donate to my feet (size 7.5) that would be kind.


So I was just helping set up for an event and my friend Tessa was in the window when she yells ”Marilis!!! Good streetstyle! Run after him!”, so I did… for a full block. I was wearing heals, and it was not a pretty sight, so when I yelled something along the lines of ”hey you!” and he turned around, imagine my surprise when it turned out that it was Jonah! I shouldn’t have been surprised, after all, he is the man behind one of our favorite stores in all the land, OldGold (265 Mont Royal Est.).  Check out a few shots of the new collection, take out your wallet, and go buy all of it, for me, thanks, bye.

Look them up on facebook (Oldgold Bootique) for more photos, click on the old gold link in our sidebar to go to their myspace, or go on down to the store, you won’t regret it.


Yeah yeah, big surprise, last Friday was spent at Coda. Click on the banner for some photos of the lovely people that showed up and see you next Friday, most likely!


also, check out Laura’s Photos on The Friend Attack from the same night HERE


So I was too busy to attend a crazy amount of shows like I did during Toronto Fashion Week, but there was 2 events that I would not have missed, the Kill magazine launch party and the Telio fashion show to support some of my favorite people.


This is Montreal’s hottest power couple, do I even need to say anything? Look how beautiful! Devon was in charge of a lot of the styling in Montreal’s brand new hottest fashion magazine Kill. Just look:



Here’s another one of my best boys. If you’re wondering why the long face, I think he just really needed to pee. Thomas is one of the most talented designers I know and had a dress in the Telio contest fashion show. He might not have won, but he did win the key to my heart. T-bone also just departed from the very exclusive brace-face crew and we’re all very sad about it, especially because now Shadi and I are pretty much alone and it’s slightly lonely.


Last but not least, this boy needs no introduction and he’s had quite a few mentions and tributes on this very website, so that’s enough ego-boosting for this guy, but check out his beaaaaaaaaaaautiful editorial in Kill magazine, styled by the one and only Devon.



This young man was one of the first people I met during fashion week in Toronto. His name is Russ and he is extremely precious, as you can probably tell. I love when people do that little slightly awkward foot tilt but look at that cute little smile. We stiffled yawns as we witnessed some of the last shows of the week. A black collection? How avant-garde!


Here’s some more Fashion Week in Toronto goodies from Day 1, after the Biddell show. I just have a thing for an all black outfit with just a little dash of color like this little lady right here. Prrrrrrrrrrrrecious!


In addition to pretty much every judge from Canada’s Next Top Model or Canadian Idol, and the whole Degrassi cast, Santa made an appearance at Toronto Fashion week, but this time, he was not the gift bearrer, he was the gift bearree (?) at the Mellinda Mae Harlingten show. If santa really was magic, maybe he would have made the show a little bit more exciting. Although the Sienna Miller-lookalike designer’s collection wasn’t bad, it was a bit boring. But at least she was cute? Here are some photos. Pretty, but blah. Back to santa though, I like his relaxed, post-holiday look, so casual, kind of charming. Hello pretty boy.  Please (gently) drop a new lense for my camera and a few hundred dollars down my chimney.


Good morning sunshine, I like lemon and I like the sunlight. You’re just precious, like a little daisy, but aren’t you cold? It’s cold this morning, close that jacket so you won’t get pneumonia ok?  Did you like the Biddell show? Oh yeah? I guess you’re right… Ok, have a nice day!


Extensive research led me to discover that this is Andrew Sardone, a Fashion/Design Writer for NOW Magazine. Read his take on fashion week shows here. He had flawless style throughout the week that helped soothe my sore eyes. Thanks homeboy!


So this beautiful beautiful young lady caught me 100% off-guard as I was speed walking in a hungover daze, late to meet with a friend in Kensington market. I hardly saw anyone quite this attractive the whole time I was at Fashion Week and then all of a sudden, I run into her and snap in streetstyle mode and stop her for a photo. I was there to get my free loaf of bread from Cobs (read Darryl’s post lower down). I also tried to go get a haircut at Superstar Hairsalon, but they don’t take debit and I had just used up what was left of my cash on a yogourt and fruit parfait, so my hair will just have to stay long and stupid until my next trip to Toronto because I want to look like a superstar.

TFW is over. The T is for Toronto, if you’re wondering. The T is also for Terrible.

But hey, we did get a bunch of free shit, all of which was intended for people more important than us. But when they didn’t show up, Marilis and I were ready to swoop in on their front-row seats and the accompanying swag bags. If I can take a moment to provide some free promotion, I’d like to direct you to Cobs Bread, who will be feeding me for the next 3 weeks with vouchers for free loaves of bread that we picked out of the bags.

That’s Cob’s Bread: Our Passion, Your Bread.

Also, a note of thanks to whoever it is that makes Orangina. The countless free bottles at the shows were perfect mixer for the water bottle full of vodka stashed away in Marilis’ purse.

Moving on, here’s some highlights (and lowlights) of the week, and some street style:


Coco Rocha, the highest profile model to come from Canada in some time. Coco’s walked for the likes of Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, and Christian Lacroix. And now, Joe Fresh. Joe Fresh sells his clothes at a supermarket, just so we’re clear about that.


A small gallery of an innumerable amount of somebodies that I was asked to take photos of. I think the guy in the last photo is in toothpaste commercials. And the lady in the first photo has some pretty intense teeth. Check em out!


The camera even resisted focus on this guy’s hair. On a sad note, this guy is probably a Canadian fashion magnate.


Ok, in case you make the same mistake I did, this is not Kalan Porter. The girl had some amazing jewelry though. Much better than Kalan could ever dream up.


“I’m Lara, and this is Sara. We do everything together.” Lara, Sara, if you’re out there, you know where to find me, you rhyming beauties you.


Ever notice how models almost never have good style of their own? Here’s the one exception I’ve ever found.


I just liked their scarves, OK?!


What a hunk.


Yes, you’re right, it really IS that guy from Degrassi. These are some well-dressed kids.

Alright that’s all. My photos from the So_Me vernissage are coming soon. Including an exclusive interview with So_Mom! (not really though).


Darryl and I took a break from trying to find a way our hunt for free drinks/food to keep us alive because together we have about enough money to buy a pack of gum, and our search lead us to this little show right here:

So Me Art Show
My camera had a good workout that day and my flash batteries were just not having it, so excuse the grainy colors and just go see the show yourself.


So Me doing the D.A.N.C.E. yeah?






Paving the way for all middle aged ravers around the globe. We’d like to invite you all to bring your moms out to parties more often because they will demonstrate more enthusiasm and out of this world dance moves then your brain can even wrap itself around.



Later that night, Darryl and I got ready to go out, drank about 6 Rockstars and vodka and somehow managed to decide to stay in and go straight to bed… Our precious little boy also took some shots that will probably make their way on here very soon! Well… very soon. Lets say eventually.

Read HRO’s post on So Me for the whole she-bang.

Here are a few photos from 2 fridays ago’s The Fix at Coda which celebrated Montreal’s finest DJ, A-Rock! This fine young man celebrated his 7th birthday, being lucky/unlucky to be born on Febuary 29th.




There’s something to be said about these shoes. First of all, they should be showcased in a museum, second, they should NOT be in close proximity to the salty wet streets of Montreal this time of the year, but mainly, we just need to praise and compliment Maddy on her perseverence for spending a whole night worth of dancing with these shoes on her feet.




This is the birthday boy in question and his lovely lady Shay who really were happier then it seems on this photo. Maybe the festive bird hat was bringing Adam down?


Look what I recovered from our blog archives! Here’s one of the very first photos we took, on a hunting trip with Dane if I’m correct but that just got lost in the sea of unpublished drafts. In fact, while we’re at it, if I’ve taken your photo in the past and it’s yet to make it’s way on these pages, feel free to either contact me ( and yell, or just take comfort in the fact that I’m lazy/busy. You probably have flawless style.

This girl probably has a really cute name with like Emma Ann or Betty Sue and on her free time, she bakes pies and makes fresh lemonade. In fact, I bet Betty Sue makes the best lemonade you’ve ever tasted. I bet she’s also a really talented artist and she’ll grow up to be a librarian or a caretaker to the elderly. Today, Betty Sue is probably on her way to the art supply store, or better yet, some random antique store, to buy some innovative goodies to create the world’s cutest yet somehow ironic art installation. Love the shoes Betty Sue, and your sunglasses make me want to be in love.


You know Darryl, he’s the foxy boy behind the Street Clash competition and our special collaborator, bringing us love from Toronto, Berlin and Stockholm, see them here. Darryl and I spent that morning loitering at Eggspectations (the newest hotspot, word on the street) and we’ll be covering Toronto fashion week next week, so we’ll have some sweet photos coming up for you guys! I have a confession to make though, a realisation that came to me as I was reviewing my photos. Last Thursday, I was walking around Toronto and witnessed a beautiful boy in a black cloak crossing the street. Seeing as I’m on constant street style look out, I took a few seconds to consider stopping him for a photo, but we were already too far away to do anything about it. I did however say something along the lines of “oh man, that boy had good style” to my friend Miranda and glanced back to notice he was looking at me… Weird? I believe it was no other then this beautiful boy in a black cloak.

So I went on a little 24 hour trip to Toronto for CMW to visit some friends from Victoria who were doing a show at Wrongbar as part of a showcase for Unfamiliar records and MuseBox.


Here’s the singer from Lioness , the band that opened the show. They were so awesome but when she tried to give me a flyer, I tried to explain I wasn’t from Toronto but over the loud music, she probably didnt get it and kind of just walked away. Awkward? I like that she had 2 awesome pairs of shoes on stage with her though, but wore neither and just did her thang in gold socks. 


This is after Ryan was off to drive the members of Lioness and their things back to their jam space, the bar was closing so we had to wait outside with all the gear. It was cold.


Here are pretty much some of my favorite people ever. We met 2 years ago at the Fringe fest when they were looking for a place to crash. They are just so precious that I even convinced myself that driving to Toronto with some strangers I met off craigslist was a good idea just to see their lovely faces for a few hours. The verdict? So worth it. Hopefully they’ll be back for the Fringe to share their cuteness/awesomeness with Montreal s’more. Listen to their band here and do it now before they become really famous so you can tell people how much cooler you are to have discovered them ”before they became really big”.

Indyish throws monthly parties of art and music and fun in various locations around town, and the last one, being the 1 year anniversary was called the Dress Mess and required some fancy attire (not that I ever miss a chance to wear a dress at any of these parties), so it allowed for good photos. Check out this page for more about the Monthly Mess and find out what we’ll be up to for next month. Photos from the night are up on my flickr!




Ms. Georgiev looked particularily cute. I’m pretty much in love with that cute pleated skirt. She was there with Worn who coordinated a wall where people were encouraged to add post-its to containing with their mom’s fashion advice. Some post-its said things like “If you wear your spiderman costume every day, it stops being special”


This is one of the designers behind Moly Kulte, Genevieve Dumas. Go visit their store for some cute and eco-friendly clothes at 4523 St-Denis. I also love this pin:



And this is basically the if-i-ever-get-married dress i want. Or maybe I’ll just steal it, and wear it every day until people forget it’s a wedding dress and then make it my trademark…

Read more about the Dress Mess here and here.

To make up for our lack of activity in these current dark, cold, and snowy days, our dear Darryl went on a little field trip to Stockholm after his Berlin Showcase and look at the goodies he brought back on his memory card!!


Everyone’s in black in the Stockholm wintertime, which doesn’t make for great photos.  But this guy doesn’t give a shit.  I don’t know where he got that tribal mask, or why he’s carrying it around, but with shoes like that he can do just about whatever he wants.


This is Cornelia, at SpyBar.  SpyBar is this great little place where there’s a pointer at the door, regardless of how many people are inside.  Entrance is about 20 dollars, and beer is about 10.  Needless to say, it’s necessary to get shit-faced before you go.  As for Cornelia, well she would save my life 2 days later, when I missed a flight and was wandering around Stockholm without shelter and a very heavy suitcase.  She put me up for the night and we ate candy and pizza and mourned the hit my bank account took by having to buy a plane ticket a day before the flight.  Usch.

 Here’s a few goodies from last Thursday, just click on the banner below to see all the love:
And here are some highlights:
Above is from the Brave Radar’s set  at the Fixture Records Valentine’s showcase- white socks never looked so good. And below are from both the cold streets of Montreal and the Worn Journal Karaoke Party!!

It’s no secret that thefriendattack and pregnant goldfish get along just lovely. It’s likely you’ll see some of our photos on her wicked website, and because she’s so adorable and we love her, she’s been taking some streetstyle photos and sending them into our inbox. Check ’em out!

These next three are from her latest trip to Toronto:




And this one was taken backstage at the Teenagers:


A Marilis/Alison post with the photos from Nu Ravers 1rst Anniversary are coming soon, but until then, feast your eyes on the ridiculous amount of photos from Martika’s birthday, by clicking the banner below:


and on how beautiful mah girl is:


The dear Darryl is still in Berlin, doing his Street Clash thang, and here’s some of the photo taking he’s been doing out there while we dream of faraway european lands. Make sure you go vote for his Toronto and Wedding Dress photos and for whichever your favorite and most stylish city is, and you can do so by clicking on the lovely little yellow and black box bellow.


Just when I thought I’d forgotten my cynicism back in Toronto, I found these 3 Vancouver kids who reminded me what blasé really meant.  Just look at those unimpressed faces.  Oh take me back home.


On one very special evening, Sereina decided to dress up as an Indian and do a lot of drugs.  I asked where I should take the photo, she said the bathroom of course.  The eyeliner she used to paint those tribal markings on her face smudged, so I think she used a cigarette butt to touch them up.


FUR IS ALWAYS IN.  Especially if it’s with a snakeskin handbag.


I like you because you’ve got that scuzzy french look to you. And maybe a little bit of jaundice even.


This young frauline seemed very inconvenienced when I asked her to take off her jacket.  But the result is pretty zuper, as the Germans say.

Well most of you are probably already aquainted with this little Alsacien country boy, but anyways, hi remz remz!  




Remi is best known for his ability to produce awkward silences at dinner party by referencing his less then normal childhood in a menonite community. He has a very soft voice and tendencies of babbling on in Alsacien when he’s had a few too many Boris’. It needs to be known that if Remi sends you an email, you had better answer, or he will hold it against you. Remi and I spend our time together speaking a weird hybrid of french that no one understands except us, and sometimes, not even us, but we don’t really mind. Once a year, Remi goes into hiding, and he’s just bought seasons of Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl and Arrested Development, so my best bet is that this time has come, but don’t worry, as soon as the snow melts and the parties start being ridiculously frequent, I can almost state with fair certainty that he will be seen breaking it down alsace-style on the dancefloor. WATCH OUT!

Yeah yeah, the party was Saturday and the photos are still m.i.a. Life’s tough, but you know, we’ll all get through it if we stick together. I’m still recovering right now, so hopefully these will keep you busy until the 300-something other photos reach the world wide web. Maybe? Let’s hope! For those of you who weren’t there and missed out, the lovely Martha ‘Martika’ Arguilar turning 21 and it all went down in the indoor parking lot of the Villeneuve Estates that turned into one of the most fun photo ops in a while. Think 2 hot mamas with black leotards with stockings on their heads (coming soon, soooo many of those photos), think Goldie Lock and the 3 bears, think about Cary’s 3 outfit changes. It was just good and fun.


This birthday girl scores the title of best facebook event tag line i think: “Because I’ll only turn legal again, once!”


See? Goldie Locks!!! The weirdest part of the night, was right when we were about to leave, there was a reaaaaaally heated argument about how that tale ends, if anyone knows, comment or email, i’m curious, but too lazy for google. I say they eat G. Lockz.


This is Erin pre-makeup. For some reason I felt really responsible for the bear faces and kept forcing them to come for makeup touchups.







I think the whole “concept” behind this photo is that the cops just showed up and we’re hidden behind a sheet and trying to be incognito. Bet the flash from my camera didn’t tip anyone off that there was someone there..


Final outfit change I believe, yes?



Hey guys! So we’ve been showing you some beautiful Toronto street-style photos over the past few days, courtesy of Street Clash‘s Darryl Natale. Right now, the man of the hour is in Berlin, curating a live street style competition, similar to the one that went down last year on his blog, but this time, it’s both online and live. Out in Berlin (in the Wedding Dress district- hence the name), every day, people will visit the gallery where the photos from all 23 competing cities are posted (a new one is up ever day) and then they can go to a computer room next door and vote on 

AND YOU CAN TOO! (how car salesman of a sentence, but i’m sure it got your attention!)

Throughout the festival, you can (plus, we encourage you, tell you friends/mom/ex-boyfriend) vote to name Montreal the best dressed city. As of today, a different photo will be up, both in the gallery and on the internet and at the end of the festival, the city with the highest average wins! So fun right?

 So go on down now, and tomorrow, and the day after for the next 16 days to and vote your little heart out. And for good mesure, you can also do so here, just click on the yellow links at the bottom that lead you to each daily competition. How exciting!

Watch out for some beautiful street style photos of Berlin from Darryl in the days to come and vote for his Toronto pictures while you’re at it!


Meet Nolan. He threatened to sue me when I told him I sent his photo to the Korean Magazine Cracker Your Wardrobe, Isn’t he precious? Nolan and I go see a lot of movies, or at least used to until Lasalle College ate our lives away. I think we can both agree that the best of our recent most recent movie viewing would be I’m Not There, which is pretty much on everyone’s mind today, considering Heath Ledger’s death. From all the facebook statuses that were changed an hour or so after said death, I think Liam expressed it best when he said: “See you at the afterparty Heath!”

A new photo from the ever wonderful Mr. Darryl Natale over at Street Clash! I just spent a good while kind of hypnotized by the writtings on the wall, so if you have some time to waste right now, go to the bigger version of this photo and get your read on.


Sam stands in OCAD, in front of a really awful student art piece called ‘600 Things I Don’t Need.’ Or something.  One of the things the artist in question didn’t need was a Lilo and Stitch poster, which means that she probably owns that.  Just terrible.  Anyway, if anything can brighten up this dismal art disaster, it’s those golden brown locks.  Sam’s 6’2 if he was a foot, and belongs to that group of much-younger-but-much-more-attractive kids that are threatening to disrupt the natural order of things.  I mean, just look at those cheekbones!


Here’s another photo from this summer’s yard sale. What’s there to be said? Love the black and white.

PS, Dane, if you’re reading this, try to remember which of my neighbour’s stairs you ran up at Friday night’s party, yelled and scared their kids. Apparently he was NOT happy and I need to bring him a pie or something.