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Jessica Warren reports on Montreal summer fashion, with photos by Alison of Pregnant Goldfish

“The thing about Montreal is that as soon as the sun comes out, everyone comes out of hiding, especially the Montreal boys.  Instead of over-sized parkas and bad shoes everywhere you look; deep cut tanks, denim shorts, and dirty summer sneakers arrive on the scene, leaving me drooling over the street style of the local summer boys.”    -Jessica Warren

Part One ————- Part Two

Part Three ———— Part Four


Nightlife Magazine: STYLE LOOKOUT

Jessica Warren and Alison Cohen report on the best and worst of club fashion

Throughout March-April, Nightlife Magazine will be putting up little snippets of last weekend’s fun, in the form of a style-photo blog on their website.

Take a look at what is up so far HERE, and keep checking back for the rest.