If your in Montreal and want some new clothes… or  plants, tarot readings, tea leave readings, vintage Versace matching sweaters, D&G belt, fringe goods, new and used doggy doo doo, crystals, furniture, movies, records, jewelry, vintage trinkets, books, studded sweaters, palm readings, make overs, jackets, gluten free cookies/goodies, t shirts, 1$-5$ surprise bags, skirts, dresses, spiked lemonade, pants, shoes, sandals, weird skirts made into shorts, CD’s, VHS, DVD, sunglasses, kissing booth, abortion booth, ukulele serenade, Dolly Party photobooth, junk, or just a shot of the power of 222.

If your not in Montreal i’m giveing you enough notice to buy a plane/train/automobile ticket and get your junk down here.

SATURDAY!!!   Montreal Mile End

St. Viater and Waverly