Geez commenter Dee, your words ring like the bells of truth in our guilty ears! We’ve been so busy making voodoo dolls and hiding from the non-stop rain to be good little bloggers. Thankfully, we’re coming out of this SLUM! We’re putting some clothes on. We’re opening the door. We’re saying hello world. And we’ll have our camera. And we’ll be at the MEG festival. Fun right? We’ll see you there right? And just because I’m feeling so uncomfortable about our absence from the world wide web, here’s some pretty little photos of a gang of handsome little devils that play in a little band called Silly Kissers. They’re pretty silly, but it’s all good because they rock the Canadian tuxedo with grace and beauty. Oh yeah, they’re also playing MEG- On July 31rst, they’re playing a 5 à 7 co-produced with Pop Montreal with Museum Pieces, Meta Gruau and Girlguides. Dee, will you be there? I hope so!