This weekend I was on the super snuggle pants party patrol. and Today finally marks the end of my latest 72 hour party binge.

I’m happy to report that I sucessfully made it through a thursday-friday-saturday all night mega party to bring you about a million pictures and a very sore throat.

I needed one more day to recover, but get ready for good photoz.


Here we have a picture of Dang. One of my favourite people to see out. Firstly, because I dont see her out that often, and secondly because when I do she always gives me a piece of my favorite watermelon flavored gum (sometimes if i’m lucky, she even gives me two!).


These boys answered our ad for Davy Crockett look alikes. Its nice to see a bit of earthy browns amidst the oversaturated neon mess of most the parties I go to. I kept calling the guy in the middle Davy and I’m pretty sure he thought I was nuts.


Normally I have a problem with the Canadian tuxedo. Denim Jacket with Denim Jeanz. But considering this cute little guy is wearing two different shades of demin, and he clearly looks like he knows better than to wear a Canadian tuxedo, it leads me to the conclusion that he is probably wearing denim underwear.


After Digitalism, I somehow ended up at Coda. And when I got there I ran into some more of my favourite people. This picture looks like it could have been taken in the summer, but believe it or not, it was taken 2 days ago. I think MTL is definitely ready for spring, and all that comes with it.


I liked this girl’s glasses. That’s why I took her picture. They reminded me of the Chanel ones that I nearly cream my jeanz over every time I see them. Anyways, about 5 mins after I took this picture, there was an ambulance at Club Soda, and I’m pretty sure it was coming for her…. moral of the story: don’t waste a good outfit with bad drugs.




these three were really cute. they were so excited to have their picture taken, they got so into it that by my 3rd or 4th picture they almost couldnt contain their excitement. (see below)


looks like this guy is hiding a mystery


I told this guy (who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of being arrested by the fashion police) that if I were shooting for Vice Magazine, he would be in the Dont’s. But then I re-assessed this photo now, and realize its not all that bad, and then I also realized that I haven’t given Angelo my daily phone call. Oops…did I just say his name?