So I was waiting in line to pick up my press pass and keeping my eyes alert for any well dressed people when I saw a little dash of purple walk past me and I stopped this handsome couple and took this photo thinking ”this chic looks familiar”! When she picked up her phone and said a little ”hey, this is Fefe!” I remembered Fefe Dobson but couldn’t quite put my finger on quite what song she did, so on my last night in Toronto, Darryl and I, post finishing our vodka and wine went to get a pizza and youtubed Fefe. Check it, she’s got ”her sunnies” and her bangs are world defyingly straight. She’s so baddass, look at all those people running after her. The way they chew their gum with their mouths wide open. But anyone else a little freaked out by this frame? Take out the microphone and watch her come out of your screen? Worried? I have way too much time on my hands…