Look what I recovered from our blog archives! Here’s one of the very first photos we took, on a hunting trip with Dane if I’m correct but that just got lost in the sea of unpublished drafts. In fact, while we’re at it, if I’ve taken your photo in the past and it’s yet to make it’s way on these pages, feel free to either contact me (pregnantgoldfish@gmail.com) and yell, or just take comfort in the fact that I’m lazy/busy. You probably have flawless style.

This girl probably has a really cute name with like Emma Ann or Betty Sue and on her free time, she bakes pies and makes fresh lemonade. In fact, I bet Betty Sue makes the best lemonade you’ve ever tasted. I bet she’s also a really talented artist and she’ll grow up to be a librarian or a caretaker to the elderly. Today, Betty Sue is probably on her way to the art supply store, or better yet, some random antique store, to buy some innovative goodies to create the world’s cutest yet somehow ironic art installation. Love the shoes Betty Sue, and your sunglasses make me want to be in love.