Indyish throws monthly parties of art and music and fun in various locations around town, and the last one, being the 1 year anniversary was called the Dress Mess and required some fancy attire (not that I ever miss a chance to wear a dress at any of these parties), so it allowed for good photos. Check out this page for more about the Monthly Mess and find out what we’ll be up to for next month. Photos from the night are up on my flickr!




Ms. Georgiev looked particularily cute. I’m pretty much in love with that cute pleated skirt. She was there with Worn who coordinated a wall where people were encouraged to add post-its to containing with their mom’s fashion advice. Some post-its said things like “If you wear your spiderman costume every day, it stops being special”


This is one of the designers behind Moly Kulte, Genevieve Dumas. Go visit their store for some cute and eco-friendly clothes at 4523 St-Denis. I also love this pin:



And this is basically the if-i-ever-get-married dress i want. Or maybe I’ll just steal it, and wear it every day until people forget it’s a wedding dress and then make it my trademark…

Read more about the Dress Mess here and here.