I’ll appleogize now for the not so great quality of the photographs but who gives a poo anyway, this is a street style blog not a photo quality blog. So enjoy the great fashions

– Love Jem from the Holograms

Lately i’ve been working on the corner selling my body hussilin to make a dollor i also have been going to craft sales were i will sit all day, make no money, and loose all the merch at the end of the day. These mother fuckers stole my shits:

Your outfitt is cute but you need a little dream catcher on the right antler that you should also have tied to your fur on an aproximate 45 degree angle. I love your bloused boot. It could use a pile of feathers and candy wrappers stuck in a fashionable manner tucked in your left sock, but dont get too carried away baby-pancake-heaven-snacks.

Thanks for the triangle of energy, it really brought me synergy. After you left it the triangle opened up a rainbow came from the bottom onto the ground like a space ship abducting a sinner that looked like marilyn monroe. You are a beem that whistles in the wind and blows threw the leaves on a tree beside a dream bench sitting in the park on the holiday after halloween.

I feel the pom poms should be pinned to your hair and why not stick your bag on top of your head with some thick rope you will find on the shore of an ocean at sunset with deers running around you in a circle. Also, maybe wear your glasses lower on your face near your lips. Just a suggestion though, you might want to fasten the newly arranged glasses on your face with chewing gum and tape.

Your jeans and some brown spandex braided into a few strands wrapped around your head in a bun with a small collection of balloons and a radio box that played a recording of a fan blowing in the night would be a tasty ensemble for a head dress. OR even if you need a couple of old dresses for a head dress OR one dress starched stiff mounted on your head dress.

Speaking of head dresses, your on your way to a great start just add some pink twine, little birds, a few candy bracelets and maybe tie your jacket and matching pants and one of your boots to your head piece and dont forget to be creative and not to go over the top. This is a serious new trend, as well as not getting shot like a deer butterfly crossbreed in the morning of an apocalipse.

This trend is huge… as huge as wearing blankets which started last week which are now dispayed in the windows of urban outfitters. Get your head dresses now before the trend is over. Pigeons