The Clothing Swap last Saturday was absolute mahem. 60-something people showed up and clawed and bit their way through the crowd to score the best clothes. The little workshop of Woodenapples was completely taken over by the fiesty crowd but sadly, there was no fist-fights, no yelling match, nothing that made us dial 911. We were really looking forward to that… If you missed it, fear not, we’re thinking of doing it every season. In the meantime, make sure you go get all of your Christmas presents or little goodies for yourself (I got a little can of hang-over tea, it’s amazing.) at Woodenapples (5319 Parc)!

I meant to get some good street style photos, but mainly, I was just too busy running around and it reached a point where, there was so much well dressed people that I didn’t even know who to go talk to. I got my senses back around the end, just in time to get these two:



More photos here!