Well, kind of. We’re working on collaborations with a number of great, talented and open-minded people, one of them with a local spit-fire you all know and love, but we’re keeping that on the down-low until the details are worked out.


For now, however, next time you’re in Korea, make sure you pick up a copy of “Cracker your Wardrobe”, we’re you can enjoy a monthly contribution, curtosy of Shut Up You Twit! We’ve yet to see it, but a few copies should be in the mail soon enough, and depending on how many we receive, you may or may not get a chance to get a copy. Chances are you won’t, you know, but we like to keep you hopeful and then crush your dreams. If your Korean is not too rusty, check out their website, HERE!

 Also, Australian website 2threads is launching a few international locations, New York and Sweden are part of the mix, and 2threads is going to rock Canada, care of Street Clash‘s Darryl. Not only can you build your own album, but you can now check out some Pregnant Goldfish action in both the featured threads for Street Style, and in the event photos in the galleries. Our profile still needs tweaking, but until we get to that, you can still check it out here. You can also create your own profile and start rocking the world wide web, with one more way for people to stalk you. We recommend it, it’s healthy.