This is probably one of my favorite streetstyle photos ever. To be fair though, she’s not exactly from these streets, but I mean, it’s Pop Montreal, the ratio of actual Montrealers is pretty slim. I was sitting at the front of Barfly, watching the band The Bicycles, when all of a sudden I had an urge to be sick. I’ll blame it on shots of cough syrup (thanks to my bronchitis), too much free beer and the fact that the capacity of about 35 of Barfly was now holding about 100  or so people and it was incredibly hot. So I ran out to get some air and met this young lady who obviously has a flawless and incredibly sharp sense of style. She’s from the Brooklyn band Chairlift who are signed on the same indie label as Grizzly Bear and Professor Murder, so check them out and watch out for them. I still don’t have internet and there are no speakers here so I can’t say anything too concrete, but judging from their pictures, they look sweet sweet sweet!